Consultation is available for anyone working in the field of nanomedicines, nanobiotechnology, nanomaterial science & engineering and related area. Guidance & training facilities for postgraduate and Ph.D. students is available in areas of nanotechnology and drug delivery. We have all the facilities for development & optimization of nanoformulations (e.g. Active pharmaceutics, Natural Bioactives, Extracts, Aquatic plants, Protein & peptides), evaluation of optimized formulations, stability assessments of nanopharmaceuticals, and toxicological evaluation of developed nanoformulations. We have also the experts to help out people in writing manuscripts for high impact reputed journal.

If you are interested in research partnerships or supporting our efforts through humanitarian donations please contact Dr. Md. Faiyazuddin at NDDRL welcomes passionate researchers with a strong research background in the field of nanomedicines, nanotechnology and nanopharmaceutics, to join our research crusade.

If you are willing to join research at NDDRL, please contact us with a single pdf file having: (i) Biodata, with publication, and (ii) a brief research proposal (500 words) and, E-mail your file to:

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