Picture            Dr. Md. Faiyazuddin
            Assistant Professor
Dr. Md. Faiyazuddin is an Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics at Faculty of Pharmacy, Integral University, and Chief investigator of NDDRL. He is an associate member of Institute of Nanotechnology, Sterling University, Scotland, British Society of Nanomedicine, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, International Society of Aerosol in Medicine and American Lung Association, Chicago.

Faiyazuddin’s research interests include synthesis of novel polymeric materials for pharmaceutical applications; preparation and characterization of polymeric membranes and microcapsules with controlled permeability properties for pharmaceutical applications; target-specific drug delivery systems for gastrointestinal tract infections; localized delivery of cytotoxic drugs for solid tumors in novel biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles intracellular delivery systems for drugs using target-specific, long-circulating, biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles. His research has received funding from the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, and private foundations.

Dr. Faiyazuddin has extensively published research articles, book chapters & conference proceedings. He has also published two books / Chapters –Skin delivery of Lemongrass oil by Microemuslion Technique (2013) Lambert Publishing House, Germany and Nanoemulsion As a Vehicle in Drug Delivery. Nanotechnology: Recent Trends, Emerging Issues and Future Directions (2014) Nova Science Publisher, USA. He has a number of awards and accolades to his name including P. D. Sethi Award 2010 and SERB-DST Young Scientist 2013.

Dr. Faiyazuddin is in the Editorial Board of various National & International journals like Journal of Nanomedicine and Biotherapeutic DiscoveryIntellectual Property Rights: Open AccessClinical Research and Regulatory Affairs, Informa Healthcare, International Journal of Pharmacy Teaching and Practices and International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Nanosciences.

Dr. Faiyazuddin obtained his PhD. in Pharmaceutics from the Department of Pharmaceutics, Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi, India under DRDO-INMAS funded research project studying the Development of submicron inhalable formulations with improved aerosolization performance.


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