Nanotechnology in drug delivery coordinates research in pharmacy, bioengineering and materials science to develop nanoscale particles for the improvement of pharmacological and therapeutic properties of drug. Small nanoparticles play a big role in delivering drug doses measured in molecules directly to target sites. Therefore we must say Small Delivers Big. Potential nanopharmaceuticals work by very specific and well tactic mechanisms for the development of completely new drugs with more useful behaviour and less side effects.

Research at NDDRL is focused on the development of biocompatible materials from natural and synthetic polymers & target-specific drug delivery systems for cancer, CNS, inflammatory and infectious diseases. One of the areas of significant interest in NDDRL is Brain delivery of Botanicals.Cancer nanotechnology is an important arsenal in the fight against this deadly disease. NDDRL is focused on developing cancer nanomedicines using novel drug delivery strategies that can encapsulate different types of payloads and efficiently target tumours.

Our mission is to serve humanity by developing potential nanomedicines for treatment of life-threatening diseases.

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